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Quick Home Invasion Statistics – Australian Bureau of Statistics

In 2017 there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, or one every 3 minutes
20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point
It takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter a property
New South Wales saw 25.5% of all burglaries that took place in Australia in 2017.

Landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that the properties they rent out are safe and secure, however that rarely translates into a burglar alarm system.

It’s an unfortunate reality: rented properties are generally associated with greater levels of crime than properties owned by their occupiers. So, with this in mind, what can you do to keep your rented property secure? In this article, we’ll look at home security for tenants and a few reasons why criminal activity tends to be higher in rentals.
Why Rented Properties are Often Less Secure
Lack of activity around the property and the visibility or … Read more »

There’s no escaping trends. And let’s face it, we all love a touch of glamour, especially when it comes to furniture, don’t we? Furniture can make or break a space. From vivid, high-contrast patterns to daring choices, here are the key furniture trends to look out for in the coming months.

Luxe Headboards for A Dreamy Slumber
Let visions of upholstered headboards filter into your design dreams. A luxurious headboard complements any decorative motif and updates the look of any personal retreat with its clean stylish and timeless design.
“Imagine savoring sweet dreams at home nestled beneath sumptuous fabrics. Upholstering your headboard in jewel-toned velvet adds a touch of sophistication in the often subdued sanctuary of any bedroom.”

–Patrick Ediger, interior designer
[caption id="attachment_1559" align="aligncenter" width="445"] Image: Cara @ The Bedroom Boutique[/caption]

Tastefully Go Bold
If you like your home to represent your bold personality and way of decorating, choose furniture pieces … Read more »