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Quick Home Invasion Statistics – Australian Bureau of Statistics

In 2017 there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, or one every 3 minutes
20.3% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point
It takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter a property
New South Wales saw 25.5% of all burglaries that took place in Australia in 2017.

Landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that the properties they rent out are safe and secure, however that rarely translates into a burglar alarm system.

It’s an unfortunate reality: rented properties are generally associated with greater levels of crime than properties owned by their occupiers. So, with this in mind, what can you do to keep your rented property secure? In this article, we’ll look at home security for tenants and a few reasons why criminal activity tends to be higher in rentals.
Why Rented Properties are Often Less Secure
Lack of activity around the property and the visibility or … Read more »

Moving into a rental property comes with a certain amount of expense, including rental bonds. Though rental bonds are optional in every state in Australia, these are usually asked for as a safeguard for the landlord.
What Is A Rental Bond?
Rental bond is a security deposit paid at the start of the tenancy. The bond is paid back to the tenant when the property is vacated, provided no money is owed for rent, damages or other costs.

The most bond you can be required to pay is an amount equal to 4 weeks of rent you agreed to pay at the start of the tenancy. You cannot be required to pay a bond before you sign a tenancy agreement. Additionally, your landlord or agent cannot require you to pay more (or another) bond when the rent is increased or if a new tenant moves in.
Know Your Rights As A Renter
Rental bond payment doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Knowing your rights as a renter however, can help to lessen any worry about paying out – and losing, what can sometimes be a substantial amount of money.

In some of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs at least 10 per cent of renters had no money … Read more »