Pet Application

  • Pet Details:

  • Description of pet :

Should the Landlord approve your request to have a pet on the rented premises, the Tenant agrees to comply with the following strict conditions:

  • Pet approval is subject to specific criteria and approval is not guaranteed. Further approval is required from the body corporate in writing.
  • If approved, you are required to sign the tenancy agreement and associated paperwork.
  • All pet waste must be removed from the property on a regular basis, and disposed of appropriately.
  • Upon vacation the tenant agrees to have the carpet professionally cleaned, and the fumigation treatment is to be carried out by licenced pest control company – receipt must be provided on completion.
  • The Tenant undertakes to repair any damage caused to the premises by the pet, at the Tenants own expense
  • No other pet will be kept on the premises by the Tenant (even on a short-term basis)
  • The pet shall not cause a nuisance to neighbours due to noise. Any pet noise heard by surrounding neighbours which is reported to our Agency will result in a Pet termination.
  • The Tenant is responsible for ensuring the boundary fences, gates or enclosures are adequate and can house a pet in their current condition.