Vacating Guide

Tips for vacating the property and ensuring a speedy bond refund

In order to make the vacating process as streamlined as possible, please see the following checklist, as well as the link below to review NSW Fair Trading information about getting your bond back. (

You are required to attend a pre-vacating inspection to discuss cleaning requirements and identify any non fair wear and tear.

We strongly suggest using our trusted and recommended tradespeople to speed up the bond refund process.

  • Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement for full details regarding your vacate responsibilities.
  • Refer to the Entry Condition Report provided at the beginning of the Tenancy. You must leave the property in the same condition it was in, as stated your Entry Condition report, completed when you moved in, excluding fair wear and tear.
  • Ensure you cancel your automatic Direct Debit payment.
  • Contact relevant utility companies requesting a final reading for the day you are vacating.
  • Arrange your mail to be forwarded by Australia Post.
  • ALL KEYS (including any copies made) are to be returned to us to finalise your vacate.

Please be aware that general cleaning, carpet cleaning, repair of damages and payment of outstanding rent should be completed before vacating the rental property.

The final inspection should be performed in your presence. If you are unable to attend the final inspection, we will carry out the final inspection without you. We will then contact you within 24 hours to discuss the outcome, and discuss if there are any items that still require attention before we release the bond.

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